Paul Witteveen

Lawyer / partner

'I try to offer added value, based on broad experience in solving complicated issues.'

“I am a lawyer in heart and soul. Captivated by the profession and by what it can mean for a client. I like to handle cases in which the human factor plays a key role. That is of course pre-eminently the case with employment law, in which I have been involved since the start of my legal career. It always involves matters of great importance to a person, namely work and all related issues. I have gradually broadened my expertise and have become more involved with legal issues related to the management of companies, in which the position of an individual, such as the managing director, or of a collective, such as the supervisory board or works council, plays an important role. In addition to my work as a lawyer, I myself also worked as a managing director for a long time. I regard myself as a trusted advisor. I find it a challenge each time to advise as a committed advisor, thereby helping to find solutions. And I still get a kick out of achieving an excellent result.”

Paul has now worked as a lawyer for forty years. He is the only employment lawyer in the Netherlands to be ranked as a senior statesman by Chambers and Partners. An “old hand with grey hair”, but with a fresh and sparkling mind. He usually represents companies (management boards and supervisory boards), but also very regularly managing directors and other high-ranking officers. Paul has also done a great deal of work in the field of co-determination. He understands the dynamics of the processes surrounding the management of companies. He can quickly analyse complicated situations and has a good sense of interpersonal relationships, which allows him to help people and companies find lasting solutions in difficult legal situations. 

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