Loes Wevers


'The personal attention I give to my clients allows me to go that extra mile and come up with solutions that make a difference.'

‘Work is one of the main aspects of life. That is immediately apparent when people introduce themselves. They state their name and, in the same breath, the work they do. As an employment lawyer, I feel privileged to deal with this important aspect on a daily basis. My way of working is characterised by the personal attention I give to my clients, which allows me to go that extra mile and come up with solutions that make a difference.’

Loes is ambitious, strong on content, and knows how to build a strong lasting relationship with her clients. She does not like to lose, aims to achieve the best result in each case and, when necessary, uses a firm approach in court. But she is also sympathetic and has an eye for the human scale. As she herself says: “I would like people to empathise more with the other party in conflict situations and to adopt a more balanced approach. Too often people hide behind arguments, thereby creating an unnecessary distance between them.” Loes specialises in flexible employment and public service law, and previously worked for the State Advocate’s office, where she developed a special interest in public service law. One of her areas of expertise  is the Wet normalisering rechtspositie ambtenaren (Public Servants (Standardization of Legal Status) Act), which changed the legal position of public servants as of 1 January 2020. She regularly lectures on this subject and has an extensive network of government HR officers. In her spare time, Loes enjoys long trips to far-away countries. And, of course, her two sons.

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